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I recently considered the amount of time I have devoted to researching my family history and preserving old photographs. Then I considered the amount of time I’ll be able to devote to these interests once I begin medical school in a few months.

These considerations led me to believe that I needed to organize and store all of this information in one place. Perhaps free up a little memory in my brain? ;) I first considered creating a book. This idea is one I would like to follow through with one day, but there is additional information to be found first.

This website will serve as a log of all the research I’ve done, and will assist me with further research. I also hope to make this website easy to navigate, so that you may take advantage of this information.

If nothing else, I hope this website can be a place where we can all come when we have a quick question about one of our ancestors: Which shoe factory did Harry work for? Where was Jerry born? Do I look more like a Judy or a Guth?

Take a look around and if you have any comments, suggestions or additional information please leave a comment or send me an email (